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Rinstrum 1400 Profibus DP


  •  Supports full integration
  •  Connection of two devices
  •  Supports R400, 5000 series indicators
  •  DIN rail mounting
  •  Status LEDs 

The Rinstrum 1400 is a Profibus-DP module that allows for a selection of Rinstrum indicators and displays to be connected onto a Profibus-DP network.

The 1400 translates the data from the indicators into the Profibus format. This allows the Profibus master to effectively extract status and weight data for example from the indicators and send commands to the indicators. The data slots are fully configurable.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics of the connected devices.
  •  Connects up to two devices (may be different types) to the Profibus, one per serial port.
  •  Supported devices 5000, 5100, WE2110, R420/R423 and the 6500 display.
  •  Status LEDs on each port for diagnostics

integration into a Profibus-DP network
  • Input Data – Indicator status, current weight, I/O status etc. Any of the R400 numeric registers are available as these data slots are configurable.
  • Output Command Data – remote key functions, targets, flight etc. The R420 Advanced supports write and execute registers allowing for complete integration of the devices onto the network and control by the PLC Profibus master.

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